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Absentee Home Watch Services

Exterior Absentee Home Care Services

  • Inspect contracted services such as landscape services, ect.
  • Check property for storm damage
  • Inspect roof, gutters and downspouts form ground level for damage and obstruction
  • Check patios, sidewalks and decks for water ponding
  • Inspect property for signs of forced entry and vandalism
  • Survey home’s exterior for signs insect, rodent, moisture and weather caused issues
  • Collect mail, newspapers and fliers- forwarding services available
  • Test exterior lighting
  • Curb recycling and trash then retrieve receptacles
  • Any additional needs exclusive to you home
    *maintenance services to correct any of the above are available with Eden

Interior Absentee Home Watch Services

  • Record your thermostat settings and thermostat readings
  • Record the humidity level of your home using a hygrometer
  • Adjust furnace and air conditioners temperature and humidity setting for seasonal changes
  • Check and replace furnace filter
  • Inspect all windows and doors for security, signs of access, damage and moisture accumulation
  • Inspect all floors, walls and ceilings for signs of leaks and other moisture issues
  • Check laundry facilities for supply line leaks and corrosion
  • Survey water heater for proper operation, leaks and corrosion
  • Electrical panel for tripped circuit breakers and hot breakers
  • Short cycle the dishwasher once per month
  • Operate/flush garbage disposal
  • Insure soft water system is functioning and salt is in the reservoir
  • Check that refrigerators, freezers and wine coolers are maintaining temperature
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors monthly
  • Check interior lighting and adjust light timers
  • Check that all windows and doors are secure and security system is armed
  • Survey garage for attempted access, insects, pest, etc.
  • Run water through all taps, faucets and cycle all toilets ensuring functionality and replenishing traps
  • Any additional needs exclusive to your home


Upon your request we will schedule cleaning services for your home and see that it is thoroughly cleaned. This includes all beds made, linens prepared and outdoor furniture is set up.


After departure all linens are removed, laundered and replaced. Perishable items are removed from your refrigerator and all refuse within the home is removed. Outdoor furniture is collected and secured. Upon request cleaning services may be scheduled.


We can provide clients general maintenance for vehicles, golf carts and RV’s. Available services include washing, detailing, fueling, charging system maintenance and other general maintenance services.


Our Key-holder / Wait Services are designed to provide absentee homeowners with a secure way to have your home accessible in your absence or in case of emergency. When need arises we will oversee the entry and exit of service providers, guests and renters.

Grocery and Home Supply

Coordinated with your arrival, a member of our team will receive your grocery list, clarify any questions, then purchase and deliver your order. When you arrive, your refrigerator and pantry (and/or bar) will be stocked and waiting, allowing you to begin relaxing from the moment you arrive.

Please Note: We experience heavy order volume May 1 through September 30. Please make your reservation as early as possible. Service is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis Let Eden provide the items you and your guests require for an enjoyable and hastle free stay.


We provide expert landscape services including lawn mowing, weeding, mulching, pruning, hedging, raking, and maintaining water features. Biannual spring and fall services include fertilization, aeration, verticutting/detaching, over-seeding, landscape tree care, irrigation system maintenance and winterization, ect.

*Services provided at a rate of $40 an hour for the first hour with a one hour minimum. Rates are charged by the ¼ hour there after.


Home and property content downsizing, de-cluttering, content liquidation, donation and home/ real estate clean out services. Eden Land Management helps families and homeowner’s transition in their current living environments. Absentee home watch services – ensures your property is looked after during extended stays away from home, lifestyle transitions, moves or during the resolution of estate matters.

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